"Judas had the decency to hang himself in shame of his betrayal, but I thought you needed help."

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The Idiot Boy is one of my favorites too, actually. Kindness isn’t all that common in this sort of thing, so it made a nice change… But I guess that might be art imitating life. Especially about people with problems. Betty Foy is a very nice mother.”

Unlike hers had been.

"I think it’s just his style for me. He’s very good, I don’t think he’s not a good poet. I just like others better.”

"She was the mother I wish I could’ve had.Life is really quite…unpleasant, but it does have its occasional moments of mastery. There is beauty and artwork that people refuse to touch and convey.Tsk, I hope eventually that I can change your mind about Milton."

He doesn’t deny his past.  

"Who’s your favorite then? Who speaks to the very edges of your soul? I’m interested in hearing from a fellow admirer." 

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lots of weird stuttering lost of praise lots of drugs 

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omg i sound drugged and there’s thumping idk what I was trying to say at the end. 

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         The Nightingale: A Conversation Poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. It’s one of my favorites in general, I think, and probably one of Coleridge’s better pieces… I’ve read John Milton’s work too, Coleridge quotes it, but I don’t like him as much as a poet…

What’s your favorite piece?”

"———I liked The Nightingale, but it didn’t sing to me. Ahh, it might be a surprise to some of my friends, but The Idiot Boy by William Wordsworth. A kinder poem than most to people with problems in their throats and heads… It doesn’t doubt a mother’s love.” 

"What problems do you have with Milton? I find him to be one of my favorite poets."  

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             I have a copy of that book too.”


"———It’s an old poetry anthology. I can’t believe I’ve kept it after all these years."

"What’s your favorite piece?"